One-Day Workshop with Jane Haldeman Hamilton on Boro Art Techniques

Boro Art Techniques  - One day workshop
A one day class to learn Embellishment and Boro techniques, used to create the texture in Jane's latest museum piece.

Boro Art Techniques with Jane Haldeman Hamilton

Tres Ollas  - One day workshop
Learn the techniques used to create these beautiful southwest pots in a one-day workshop using colors of your choice.


Simple Steps to Art Quilting  - One day workshop
Add new depth and create simple designs by incorporating mixed media techniques in your quilts.

SCRAP ATTACK - One or two day workshop

One-day workshop designed to use up those lingering fabric scraps. Many, many scrap piecing patterns and ideas for creating your unique scrap quilt will be taught along with accurate piecing tips. How to attack “the bag of scraps” in an organized manner will be discussed.  Make my sample or journey down your own creative path.

Click here to see larger Scrap Attack samples!




  CREATIVE PEN - One-day workshop  
No Artistic Talent, No Stress Workshop designed to teach you how to create impressive quilt labels.  Permanent fabric pen design instruction including writing, leaves, and flower techniques will be given.

Click here to see larger Beginning Label sample!

Click here to see larger Creative Pen Label samples!

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