Challenging Your Creativity  

Are you always admiring the works of others, but feel they are beyond you?  Individualizing your work need not be a struggle.

During this lecture you will get many ideas and see many examples of how to continue to grow your quilting expertise. 

Learn small steps you can take to challenge your own creativity and expand the work you currently do. Ideas presented can be used as a group or individually as long as you are willing to step outside the box!

Contact me for details and scheduling this lecture.


A large collection of quilt pieces, both old and new, will be used to “spark your creativity” while being shown “How” and “Why” it is important to label your quilts. 

Appropriate label information, current tools available along with many technique ideas are all covered in this lecture.

Click here to see larger image of quilt label.


How did Grandma create such stunning scrap quilts? 

This lecture explores Grandma’s scrap bag quilts.  With a little history and many examples from my private collection (mostly vintage), you will see first hand the many recipes to make successful eye catching, scrap quilts.

Click here to see larger image of scrap quilts.

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