An Innovative Approach to Beautiful Quilts - Combining Traditional and Abstract Quilting Techniques
"Gifts of Love"

Rotating quilt pictures by Jane E. Hamilton

How lucky we are to live in a time when we can learn from so many venues. Being able to share with you my collection of quilts, and the knowledge I’ve learned, is my way of passing on the “Gifts of Love” I have received.

Upcoming Events:
 (Quilt Shows, Lectures, & Workshops)
- Le Tort Quilt Guild - Carlisle, PA.  "Creative Labeling Lecture", April 3, 2016
- Undercover Quilt Guild - Brookhaven, PA "Challenging Your Creativity Lecture", April 11, 2016
- Helping Hands Quilt Guild - Dover, DE.  "Creative Labeling Lecture", Monday, June 27, 2016
- Mid-Appalachian Quilters Educational Seminar, Assorted Classes, July 15-17, 2016 (visit
- Warwick Valley Quilt Guild, Scrap Quilt Secrets Lecture; July 26, 2016.
- Ladybug Quilt Guild, "Creative Labeling" Lecture; September 19, 2016
- Ladybug Quilt Guild, Workshop "Creative Pen"; September 20, 2016
- Homemakers Quilt Guild, "Challenging Your Creativity Lecture", December 9, 2016
- Mountain Top Quilt Guild, Prescott, AZ; "Creative Labeling" Lecture, February 20, 2017
- Mountain Top Quilt Guild, Prescott, AZ; "Tres Ollas" Workshop, February 21, 2017
- Ocean Waves Quilt Guild, Lewes, DE; Lecture TBD March 6, 2017.  Workshop TBD March 7, 2017.
- Centre Pieces Quilt Guild, State College, PA; "Challenging Your Creativity" Lecture, May 9, 2017
- Camaco Quilt Guild, Cape May, NJ; Trunk Show, May 10, 2017
- Camaco Quilt Guild, Cape May, NJ; "Simple Steps to Art Quilting" Workshop, May 11, 2017
- Flying Geese Quilt Guild, Bel Air, MD; Lecture TBD Mon. July 17, 2017.  Workshop TBD Tues. July 18 2017.


Updated: 09/24/2016

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